The Michigan Department of Transportation is seeking public input on a new, long-range transportation plan.

Michigan Mobility 2045 will be MDOT’s new plan that will establish a vision and priorities for transportation in the state for the next 25 years. From now through March they are collecting input and ideas from citizens that will help make the plan more effective.

Project Manager Brad Sharlow says that Michigan Mobility 2045 will be largely used as a resource for decision makers. He said their biggest challenge is getting people to understand that this plan doesn’t necessarily show a list of projects to be completed, but will show strategies which will be used by the decision makers at MDOT and at several local agencies as they decide how they will invest.

There are several ways that Michigan residents can share their ideas for the future of transportation with MDOT. Sharlow said one of the easiest methods of getting involved is by the use of Metroquest. Metroquest is an online survey that can show scenario planning and present transportation situations in realistic context as set by MDOT. Citizens may also receive one of 10,000 calls that MDOT can randomly dial for a Telephone Town Hall. People contacted this way will be able to join a conference call, ask questions, and express their opinions. Visioning sessions will also take place in selected areas across the state.

Phase 2 of the plan will begin in May, with Sharlow saying they expect to have it finished and finalized by fall of 2020.

Learn more at Public comments can also be emailed to, or shared on MDOT’s social media sites located at or (MK)