A new grant opportunity could mean more money for smaller Livingston County municipalities to help with fixing roads.

The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) has announced a new category within its Transportation Economic Development Fund (TEDF). This Community Infrastructure Fund (CIF) was signed into law late last year and provides grants to selected cities and villages with populations under 10,000 residents for road improvements. Grant money could be used to help with reconstruction, replacement, rehabilitation, and/or preventative maintenance of streets.

The maximum amount awarded is $250,000 and needs to be matched by the requesting municipality. MDOT has released guidelines along with projects that may see additional consideration during the selection process. Applications that are multi-jurisdictional, even if the neighboring governing body isn’t eligible, and applications for projects that do not qualify for funding through the Federal Highway Administration will be given this extra consideration. MDOT is also interested in seeing projects that can be completed by the end of this year’s construction season.

Up to 5 different roadways can be included on the city or village’s application, which must be received by Friday, April 5th. Application instructions and the form are available through the link below. (MK)