By Jessica Mathews /

With temperatures warming up and Livingston County residents getting out on the water or digging into landscaping projects, state officials are continuing work to educate about the ongoing battle against invasive species.

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources’ ongoing series “NotMiSpecies” aims to increase awareness about the prevention and management of invasive plants and animals. Invasive species are not native to Michigan that are already causing damage or are likely to cause damage to lakes and ecosystems.

With more people ̶ and more invasive species ̶ on the move, the DNR says decontamination is now an essential part of travel to prevent spread.

Corporal Nick Torsky, an investigator with the MDNR Law Enforcement Division's Great Lakes Enforcement Unit, talked about boater outreach and enforcement, as well as watercraft decontamination.

Torksy also discussed the enforcement of boating and bait-related regulations, investigations involving the transportation of invasive species and oversight of Michigan's organisms-in-trade, which are live plants and animals brought to the state.

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Photo - Invasive Red Swamp Crayfish - MDNR Courtesy Saxifraga - Rudmer Zwerver.