By Jessica Mathews/

Design submissions are being sought for a popular collector’s item for hunters in Livingston County and across the state.

The Michigan deer management cooperator patch is given to hunters who bring their deer to a DNR check station. It’s been a popular collector’s item for hunters since the early 1970s. Every year the patch design is different but it always portrays the designer’s interpretation of white-tailed deer or deer hunting in Michigan. Those interested in sharing their design ideas for the 2020 deer patch are encouraged to enter this year’s contest, which is open to everyone.

Emilie O’Grady is an outreach assistant in the DNR Wildlife Division. She says every year they get a fantastic selection of designs and look forward to seeing all of the new submissions. O’Grady said that the DNR offers the deer patch to thank hunters who present their deer at check stations during the hunting seasons because it is during these checks that DNR staff is able to collect valuable information about Michigan’s deer population – things like locations where hunters have been successful, the age and sex of deer taken, and a big-picture look at herd health.

Design submissions for the 2020 deer management cooperator patch are due by March 10th. Patch designs may be created in any medium and shape, with no more than five colors used. The work must be original and submitted by the artist. Complete contest information and submission guidelines are available through the provided link. This year’s contest winner will be contacted in early May. Those with questions about the contest can contact O’Grady at 517-284-9453.