By Jessica Mathews /

Crews are said to be putting the final touches on a lengthy bridge preservation project near the City of Dexter.

Work is close to wrapping up on the Mast Road Bridge project over the Huron River on the border of Dexter and Webster Township. The Washtenaw County Road Commission issued a final project update.

Last month, the contractor was able to seal the bridge deck. This week, a sealant is being applied to other concrete parts of the bridge. The remaining work requires multiple coats and very precise weather conditions in order to be applied. The Commission advises that there will be minimal impact on traffic during this final stage of the project.

The project got underway in May and will help extend the life of the structure. Expansion joints were replaced, which allows the bridge to accommodate external forces like temperature or heavy loads. New end-walls were also added to provide better attachment for the guardrails. The bridge re-opened to traffic in mid-August but various lane restrictions had been in place to accommodate the remaining work.

A link to the project page is provided.