Jessica Mathews /

A local non-profit is launching a new Market Day on Saturdays in Fowlerville that aims to give students entrepreneurship opportunities while also building community.

The Torch 180 is a training facility for adults with disabilities, which trains people to work in the service industry and become certified. In addition, students learn soft skills and life skills among other things. It has a newly remodeled home in the old Fowlerville library building located at 131 Mill Street.

Manager Maddy Callanan says they currently have three apprentices and are giving them a chance to practice entrepreneurship. She says by having local vendors and creating a space for the community to come together, they will also be exposed to selling their own products.

Callanan says that’s what kind of started the concept for Market Day, in addition to just building community in general. She added there’s really not a lot that happens on the weekends in Fowlerville and they felt it would be a good way to not only showcase their new building but bring in other small local businesses as well.

Callanan told WHMI they are really excited for the opportunity to continue to build the community in Fowlerville. She says they’ve been so supported since the move and are really excited to see how it can grow, along with the opportunities that will emerge for their apprentices and all of the businesses involved.

Market Day will feature a wide variety of local vendors, coffees and baked goods, fresh flowers, produce, homemade products, and art among other items. There will also be resource tables for local organizations and non-profits.

The apprentices will be selling food products, including one that will feature homemade fudge as his first venture. Callanan says they’re working on teaching them branding and everything that comes with setting up and running a small business.

Market Day will run from 9am to 2pm. Callanan says the goal is to keep the event going on Saturdays throughout the fall and then move it indoors during the winter. By next summer, she says they would really like to grow the event and eventually maybe close off the street for a full outdoor market experience.

Details and vendor information is available in the provided link.