By Mike Kruzman /

The Marion Township Board of Trustees has made a decision on whether or not to continue offering sewer usage credits for irrigation usage.

At their most recent, regularly scheduled meeting, the Board elected to continue offering credits on a case-by-case basis. Township Supervisor Bob Hanvey explained how many residents may find a discrepancy between their water and sewer bills. He said, “Most of the time, if you don’t have an irrigation system, all the water that goes into the house all goes out through the sewer, so the water and sewer usage amounts are the same. There are some people that have an irrigation system set up to their municipal water line, and that water does not go into the sanitary, but they’re paying for it anyway.”

Hanvey said they have an option for residents to buy a second meter that they can hook up to their irrigation system, and then not have to pay sewer fees on the water that does not go into the sewer. He said sometimes it takes a bill or two for homeowners to figure it out and come to them for a credit, which they have been been granting in the past after they purchase the irrigation meter.

The Board had previously discussed investigating the credit policies of other municipalities in the MHOG system. In a memo to the Board, Hanvey wrote that they checked with other townships at the August 19th MHOG meeting and that it was unanimous that none of the other townships issued credits for sewer usage. Hanvey asked the Board to consider either ceasing to offer sewer usage credits like the others, or if it wouldn’t be more appropriate to continue bringing cases to the Board for approval, as it shows concern at the township level. Trustee Dan Lowe argued for keeping things as they were, as it wasn’t costing the township anything.

The Board’s decision to continue as things are was unanimous.