By Mike Kruzman /

The Marion Township Board of Trustees has approved a site plan for a new repair shop.

Engineer Allan Pruss of Monument Engineering was before the Marion Township Board, Thursday night. Pruss is working with applicant Vern Brockway on plans for a new repair shop to be built at 1388 Lucy Road. Currently, a 1,354-square foot building sits on the site. That building is listed to be in poor condition according to the township’s planning firm, Carlisle Wortman. Brockway is aiming to remove it and replace it with a new 6,000-square foot repair shop and office building.

As part of the project, a new access drive will be built on Lucy Road, stormwater basins will be constructed, and a drain field for septic service will be installed. The property is zoned Light Industrial to which a repair shop is a permitted use.

The parcel, which is just a hair short of an acre, is surrounded by wooded and home residential districts on the north and west sides, industrial zoning to the east, and I-96 to the south. The planner’s note mentions that variances have been granted for setbacks. A large gravel parking lot currently exists and will remain. Eight parking spaces are proposed with one ADA-accessible space to be located on concrete.

The Board of Trustees unanimously approved the site plan with the conditions that the applicant verify their landscaping and provide verifications of elevation for the township file.