By Mike Kruzman /

Northfield Township officials have approved a conditional use permit for a marijuana facility.

Kish Sutariya, representing Kheti-a potential marijuana operation, made a presentation to the Board of Trustees at their online meeting, Tuesday night. Kheti has approximately 130 acres on North Territorial at US-23that they are proposing to turn into the Nova Business Park. The park will have 5 parcels, including one just under 18 acres that will be home to Kheti’s grow and processing facility. Sutariya told the Board his company is established, stable, and ready to become a player in the community. He said the Kheti group has experience running retail and convenience, hi-tech manufacturing, hospitality, multi-tenant shopping, and recently, cannabis. They are also planning on investing $15-million in projects throughout the township. Trustee Janet Chick liked that they are proposing to fill 50% of their employment needs locally.

Sutariya said that the grow facility will be a private and secure gated park with no public access. He pledged a quality and safe product, claiming that in 3 years of operating in Colorado they haven’t had any infractions. Northfield Township Planner Paul Lippens said that this comes to the Board with the recommendation of approval from the Planning Commission. He said Kheti’s site plan has been tabled, but he expects it come back for consideration soon. Lippens noted this was just for allowing the operation as a conditional use, not for the marijuana license. Kheti is requesting 5 of the township’s 6 recreational grow permits, 2 of their 3 medical grow permits, and 2 of their 3 processor permits. The conditional use permit approval paves the way for them to further pursue these. The Board of Trustees voted 6-1 in favor. Trustee Tawn Beliger cast the lone vote against, stating she doesn’t feel it’s good for the community to invite this type of business in.