The Brighton City Council discussed the possible legalization of recreational marijuana, the licensing of medical marijuana dispensaries in local communities and other aspects of the drug during a study session Thursday night.

According to City Manager Nate Geinzer, council wanted to be armed with enough information to be able to address the issue, if Proposal 1 passes in this fall’s statewide election. Council members indicated that they may in the future direct Geinzer to draft a medical marijuana ordinance, depending on what happens at the ballot box.

Geinzer says that currently the city has no ordinance that would allow a medical marijuana dispensary in Brighton. There was a move in the state legislature this past summer to put an initiative for legalizing recreational pot on the November ballot but it failed to garner the votes needed. As a result, the "Coalition to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol" began a petition drive for the marijuana legalization ballot initiative, and was able to garner enough signatures to place it on the Nov. 6th ballot.

If approved, Prop I would authorize and legalize the possession, use, and cultivation of marijuana products by adults 21 years of age and older, as well as the commercial sale of marijuana through state-licensed retailers. (TT)