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Many workers have changed jobs this year.

According to the Resume Builder’s recent poll of 1000 workers in the U.S., more than one in four workers have changed jobs over three times this year. Half of those polled say that their previous employer did not give them a raise to account for inflation.

Two out of three say they make more at their new job, with an average increase in salary of 8%. The ongoing labor shortage has provided many new opportunities for workers looking for new jobs. Many workers are worried that changing jobs will have a negative effect on their resumes and chances of getting hired in the future.

Most are familiar with the old rule of thumb when sticking out a job you don’t like. Two years will ensure that your resume remains intact and attractive to recruiters. Career expert Stacie Haller says that the two-year rule of thumb no longer applies.

The most commonly-reported industries of those switching jobs were education, healthcare, retail, and service and hospitality.