Greg Coburn /

Residents who have mailboxes on a post adjacent to the road are asked to shake their mailboxes.

The Road Commission for Oakland County (RCOC) asks residents with this type of mailbox to prepare for the winter season, by shaking their mailboxes this month. Over time, mailbox posts can rot or become loose.

Shaking a mailbox will show residents if it is secure. Snow from snowplows has a force that can knock down an unstable mailbox, so it’s important to make sure that it is placed securely into the ground. The residents can do this by tightening screws and ensuring the post and box are secure. If the mailbox moves when shaken, the box may need to be repaired or replaced before winter.

RCOC Managing Director Dennis Kolar says that shaking your mailbox is an important way to avoid damage from the impact of flying snow. County road agencies are not liable for damage done while fulfilling their regular duties and/or maintaining the roadway, except in a direct hit. Kolar says that it is a resident’s responsibility to ensure his or her mailbox is secure.