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Lyon Township is proceeding with a land purchase of a popular trail.

The Board of Trustees met Monday night and approved a motion authorizing the supervisor and clerk to execute a Land Transaction Agreement and associated documents to purchase the portion of the Huron Valley Trail within the township.

The agreement is with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources as the land is currently state-owned. The township will be purchasing 39.31-acres for $77,000.

It was stated during the meeting that it was a pretty good deal for the township, very affordable, and the DNR has been good to work with.

Treasurer Patty Carcone proposed utilizing APRA funds for the purchase, as the township still has around $875,000 in federal pandemic relief funds.

The board was in favor and it was noted it would be a one-time purchase that benefits a lot of people as the trail is very popular and well used.

Supervisor John Dolan commented that the township already takes care of the trail and it made sense to buy it.

The agreement states that a restriction will be placed on the deed stipulating that the property cannot be used for any other use than outdoor public recreation in perpetuity.

The township website states that the trail has enjoyed widespread use from the day it opened in 2002.

The Huron Valley Trail connects with over 25 miles of paved trails in Island Lake Recreation Area and Kensington Metropark, along with additional paved trails in Wixom and South Lyon. It connects varied destinations that include as Lyon Oaks County Park, Lyon Towne Center, the James F. Atchison Memorial Park, Downtown South Lyon, and McHattie Park and Volunteer Park in South Lyon.

More information about the trail is available in the provided link. Photo: