By Mike Kruzman /

One area township has extended its authorization for allowing businesses, bars, and others to sell outdoors.

The Lyon Township Board of Trustees met online Monday night as their original resolution to ease restrictions on businesses conducting business outdoors was coming to its timed end. Like many communities around the area, officials recognized the hardships facing businesses that were trying to survive with reduced capacity limits and opened up a path to allow them to create more sales in the summer.

Trustee Kris Enlow posed a question during the meeting to Township Attorney Carol Rosati, asking what effect the state Supreme Court’s Friday ruling that governor’s Executive Orders were unconstitutional might have on their resolution. Rosati said there is a lot that is still up in the air right now, but even though their resolution references the former Executive Orders, with it basically just allowing the outdoor seating to continue, she didn’t think it would matter.

Lyon Township DDA/Economic Development Coordinator Tina Archer said they brought this up because the Michigan Liquor Control Commission has extended their permissions for serving to outdoor locations from October 31st to November 30th. She, with others, felt this was a good time to match it.

Trustee Sean O’Neil made the motion to approve that was seconded by Clerk Michele Cash, and approved unanimously by the Board.

Supervisor John Dolan said this was good for businesses and that they should love that it found support.

(Photo - Lyon Township YouTube page)