By Jessica Mathews /

The second phase of survey work has been approved for Lucy Road in the City of Howell, which will help determine the best route for providing utilities to properties – including a site proposed for a large motorsports complex.

City Council met Monday night and approved a design proposal from engineers for a topographical survey and preliminary design for Phase 2 of Lucy Road at a cost not to exceed $23,301. The survey is needed to determine the best options for utilities to properties located south of the railroad tracks and paving to the end of the road. The survey will also provide the proper depth for a pump station located on the Motorsports Gateway property - a 273-acre site in the Loop Road area.

City Manager Erv Suida told WHMI the survey is needed to run sanitary sewer along the portion of Lucy Road where there currently is none but also connect it to a point on the development to their lift station. He said in order to do that, they need to know what various elevations are and how they need to run the sewer, how far, and how deep the lift station needs to be in order to receive that portion of the sanitary line. Suida noted the survey is really preliminary work for a phase two utility improvement along that entire corridor.

As for the large Motorsports project, formerly referred to as JD Racing, Phase 1 plans call for 68 garage condominium units, a 1.4 mile driving circuit, a 4,000-square-foot clubhouse building and paddock, along with public walking/biking nature trails.

City Manager Erv Suida noted plans are moving forward. Preliminary plans were presented to introduce the project at the Planning Commission’s last meeting in February. He said the applicants are gearing up to present final site plans, possibly in April.

Councilwoman Jan Lobur, who serves on the Planning Commission, reported that there was a long discussion held about the preliminary PUD plan for the proposed mixed-use, multi-phase development. She stated it was agreed by the Commission that the concept appeared to be consistent with the City’s vision for the future in that area and generally meets the PUD requirements. Lobur noted there was no action needed because it was a preliminary plan but there was general discussion and comments related to the future plan that will be submitted.

More information is available in the Planning Commission packet for February 16th on the City's website. Details can also be found through the provided link.