The city of Fenton has agreed to back out of a long-standing financial agreement in an effort to give The Loose Center in Linden a more consistent form of funding.

For over 20 years Fenton has assisted with funding the senior center, after entering into an agreement with Linden, Tyrone Township, Fenton Township and Argentine Township in 1996. The Loose Center is a facility that provides educational, companionship, and wellness services to approximately 5,000 local senior citizens. Over the years, the funding formula for the center has varied, with various municipalities withdrawing from the agreement, leaving just the cities of Fenton and Linden.

A new agreement is now coming to fruition which will now see The Southern Lakes Parks and Recreation provide the center with a consistent $72,000 a year through their millage pool. Fenton’s Mayor Pro Tem Patricia Lockwood praised the new agreement saying it will allow The Loose Center to better balance a consistent yearly budget.

The center still has to wait a year before the new agreement with Southern Lakes come into effect. Once the agreement is underway, it will have the agreement in place for three years until they need to re-negotiate with Southern Lakes. Lockwood, who is a board member for both Loose and Southern Lakes, said she considers this a “win-win” for all parties involved. Lockwood also said she hopes the city of Fenton will continue to help aid The Loose Center through federal grant money once the new agreement is in place. (DF/JK)