Livingston County residents are being encouraged to get prepared ahead of the November General Election.

That means checking voter registration status, polling locations, and studying sample ballots to review offices up for election as well as state and local proposals according to Livingston County Clerk Elizabeth Hundley. She tells WHMI voters should expect high turnout on November 6th and it would be beneficial if they’re prepared. Hundley further reminds voters that there will be no straight party ticket option this November. In the past, she says voters could fill out a single mark to cast votes for all partisan positions within a particular political party but that is no longer the case under Michigan law.

There is also still time for Livingston County voters to obtain their absentee ballots before Election Day. With the high turnout anticipated, those who are registered and qualify are encouraged to vote absentee. Voters can request to have an absent voter ballot mailed to them, but should take into consideration how long the standard mailing process takes to ensure it will arrive and can be returned on time. The county and all city and township clerk offices will be open until 2pm on the Saturday before Election Day to issue absentee ballots. Voters can also arrive in person up until 4pm on Monday, November 5th to request a ballot. All absentee voter ballots must be received by 8pm on Election Day, which is when polls close.

Livingston County Elections Coordinator Joe Bridgman says contrary to what some people might think, every single vote counts and absentee ballots are absolutely counted. He says they get questions all the time and some people believe absentee ballots are only counted if there is a tie but that is incorrect. Bridgman tells WHMI all absentee ballots are processed starting Election Day morning and counted, and those results are added to the Election Day results for every single ballot that comes in.

Sample ballots are available for viewing on the Livingston County Clerk’s webpage, and that link is provided. There is also a QR scan code that can be used to locate a voter’s precinct and polling location. Additional voter education stories will be featured by WHMI as the November General Election draws near. Both Hundley and Elections Coordinator Joe Bridgman will be featured guests on WHMI’s Viewpoint program, which airs this Sunday morning at 8:30. (JM)