A continuing financial scam that targets seniors has a local nonprofit offering a warning.

Livingston County Catholic Charities is seeking to raise awareness of a Social Security scam that has been reported in the Howell area. According to a release from the group, seniors and vulnerable adults are receiving calls from persons whose number on Called ID appears to be from the Social Security Administration and then offering up bogus badge numbers. They say that the caller is very difficult to understand and tells the senior that their social security is going to be frozen and a warrant will be issued for their arrest if they do not load all of the cash they have onto gift cards. They then request that the gift cards be forwarded to an address that will be given to them after they reveal the confirmation numbers. LCCC reminds the public that this is a scam and that the Social Security Administration would never cold-call anyone.

Anyone with questions, concerns, or comments concerning a loved one who may have been victimized by this or any other scam, to contact their local police department or Beth Newman, Older Adult Specialist at Livingston Catholic Charities at 1-517-545-5944 ext. 122 or Beth@livingstoncatholiccharities.org. (JK)