An upcoming fundraiser will benefit a non-profit that provides the brain injured and broad-spectrum disabled community with scholarships for fun outings and needed social interaction.

Compass Creations Inc. was founded by Sally Urbaniak of Pinckney, which focuses on the importance of having of social interaction in one’s life. She says many don’t understand all of the challenges that can result when someone has a sudden accident or injury, especially when it comes to having a social life after recovery. The non-profit offers scholarships for different activities and trips for adult individuals with a similar peer structure, whom Urbaniak refers to as “extra ordinary people living extraordinary lives”.

Urbaniak is a certified brain injury specialist and has seen a lot of people become socially reclusive and feel as though they don’t fit in because so many things change in their life, especially if it’s due to an accident. However, Urbaniak says when you put them in a similar peer situation with others who can relate; things change and they begin to open up and become social again. She tells WHMI many people don’t realize the depth of social life, until a change occurs, and they help people who can’t afford social outings. There are certain requirements and an application process for individuals to receive scholarships.

A fundraiser is approaching to benefit the non-profit and honor first responders because Urbaniak says without first responders, they wouldn’t have their survivors. Sponsors are also being sought to help build scholarships to help more people have fun but also get a wheelchair accessible van. The 2nd Annual First Responders Banquet Dinner Dance will take place on Saturday, September 8th at the American Spirit Center in Brighton. Tickets can be purchased online through the provided link. (JM)