A Livingston County father and his business partner have created a tool they hope other parents can utilize to help keep better track of their younger kids when they go out to play.

Chris Pagett of Oceola Township is one of the creators of the SafeSub app, along with Chris Ross of Texas, which they designed after experiencing a situation many parents find themselves in; when a child from their neighborhood that they don’t know has come over to play with their kids. Pagett says through the app, parents within a neighborhood can set up a public, or private, notification group that they can use to keep track both of where there kids are and which kids come over to their house.

Pagett says the app is best suited for parents of kids who are old enough to go outside and play on their own, but not yet old enough to own a cell phone. In addition to basic notification, the free app also allows parents to list curfews and allergies as well as the ability to ask that their kids be sent home with a single click of a button. There’s also a "hangout" section to set up play dates, which Pagett hopes will keep kids away from electronics as much as possible.

As for security concerns, he says kid's locations are only available to their parents and the parents that have "checked in" the child. The app also verifies users via a cell phone number or Facebook page and that anyone can be blocked if need be. Pagett says the app is completely free and available for both Android and iOS users. Additional details are on their website, a link for which is below. (JK)