2018 marked another successful year for OLHSA’s Walk for Warmth.

Hundreds of supporters gathered at The Hartland Educational Support Service Center on Saturday morning to participate in the 28th Annual Walk for Warmth. Walk for Warmth is a fundraiser put on by Oakland Livingston Human Service Agency; or OLHSA, in an effort to raise money for utility assistance during the winter months for those in need. All of the money raised from Saturday’s events will stay directly in Livingston County. Chair of the Walk for Warmth, Brent Earl, told WHMI the positive story of a man who greatly benefited from the fundraiser. He spoke of a man who just recently defeated cancer and was able to get through the difficult time due to support from OLHSA and The Walk for Warmth.

The day was filled with hundreds of participants walking their way through the hallways of the old Howell High School with many dressed in costumes. A magician, mascots, and dozens of sponsors also attended the event.

Earl later went on to say there is no end in sight for the annual Walk for Warmth. He promised there will be another Walk for Warmth in February 2019 (DF)