A request is moving forward that would allow the Livingston County medical director to again provide some interim coverage to a neighboring county.

The General Government & Health and Human Services subcommittee of the Livingston County Board of Commissioners met Monday night and approved a resolution to enter into an agreement with the Washtenaw County Health Department to provide the interim coverage. The resolution will now move on to the full Board of Commissioners for final approvals. Livingston County Health Department Director/Health Officer Dianne McCormick explained the request, saying she was contacted Friday by the health officer for Washtenaw County as their medical director submitted a letter of resignation effective July 8th so they’re requesting some interim coverage while they search for a new medical director. Livingston County Medical Director Dr. Don Lawrenchuk has indicated that he is willing to provide the coverage; which is similar to what was done a couple of years ago when Washtenaw was searching for a medical director. McCormick says Dr. Lawrenchuk would be available to Washtenaw County both on site and 24-7 for consultation, and be the physician of recognition for their standing orders so they can continue on with their clinics.

At this point, she tells WHMI they’re looking at Washtenaw County reimbursing them for all of the expenses incurred with the arrangement so it would be cost neutral to the budget. McCormick told WHMI it’s a win-win situation for both Livingston and Washtenaw Counties as they are good partners and collaborate greatly on some other grants and initiatives in Southeast Michigan. She says they’ll now start working out the contract language but expects it to be nearly identical to the contract that was in place a couple years ago. She doesn’t anticipate any modifications that need to be made and says they’ll enter into the agreement while Washtenaw County determines their next role in seeking a medical director on a permanent basis. (JM)