Jessica Mathews /

A community “call to action” is underway to help eradicate a food shortage through a virtual food drive.

The Livingston County Hunger Council has established the Food Resource Committee to help families with food shortage needs - caused specifically by food shortages, food cost increases, increase in the number of families in need, and changing government-sponsored relief programs.

Officials say for example, the program to provide free school meals for all kids ended when the 2022-2023 school year began. To put it all of that into perspective, they say everyone is feeling the pinch at the pump and at the grocery store. Officials say it’s even tougher for those on a fixed income, those who have health issues, or have recently lost a job – and are thus classified as one of the “working poor”.

In 2020, almost 18,000 individuals in Livingston County did not know where their next meal was coming from – that is over 9% of the County’s population. The Council says a more staggering fact is that 3,000 children under the age of 18 in Livingston County are going to bed with empty or near empty bellies daily.

The Livingston County Hunger Council is calling on all community organizations, fellow citizens, and partner agencies to help, over and above, what current agencies are already contributing. They say everyone can help them close the gap by donating food, by making a monetary donation, and by volunteering time.

Those looking to donate can scan a QR code to visit the Virtual Food Drive. It will continue through November to help offset the increasing costs of food for free holiday meals.

More information is available in the attached release and flyer.