By Jon King/

In reaction to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak, the Livingston County Republican Party Executive Committee, in conjunction with the Michigan Republican Party, held an emergency meeting via conference call to draft new convention rules for the March 26th County GOP Convention.

The update will permit the convention to be live-streamed, and allow delegates to vote remotely from home. Meghan Reckling, Chair of the Livingston County Republican Party, said that, “As Michigan and the nation continue to face challenges over the coming weeks in response to COVID-19” her priority is to help to ensure the safety of Precinct Delegates by doing their part to help protect the health of members.

Per the Emergency Convention Rules adopted Sunday, the LCRP’s County Convention will be Live-streamed on their Facebook Page at starting at 7pm this Thursday, March 26th. All Delegates eligible to vote will have their username and password for the voting software emailed to them no later than 8pm on Wednesday, March 25th.

“I commend President Trump and Vice-President Pence for their leadership throughout this unprecedented pandemic. I am proud of our Executive Committee, who have responded with care and consideration for the safety of our delegation," said Reckling. "To ensure all delegates can participate, I encourage them to contact me with any questions, concerns, or assistance they may have prior to gaveling in the County Convention.”

Reckling, can be reached at 517-672-6823 or by emailing her at