By Jessica Mathews/

A millage renewal for funds dedicated to veteran services in Livingston County is expected to appear on the August ballot in 2022.

A three-year millage previously approved by voters to fund programs and services for local veterans is set to expire next year. The Livingston County Veterans Committee met last week and discussed what to levy for the millage in 2022. The Committee voted unanimously to maintain the current millage rate of .1127-mills. Maintaining that rate was said to ensure that the department will be able to utilize a Michigan Veterans Services Administration grant for this year and future years. The department receives grant funding through the MVAA and in order to keep that, the current .1127 rate is the lowest amount that can be levied.

Director Mary Durst noted that if the millage doesn’t go through on the ballot in 2022, then the next opportunity for a millage would be in 2024. She said they would have around just under $1 (m) million at that time and could always put the millage back on the ballot – adding by that time they’ll have had a lot of time to show they’re spending the money wisely. Durst commented further that even in a worst-case scenario if they lose the millage and grant, they’ll be able to make it through almost all the way through 2025 to maintain services without cutting back on any spending.

It was noted there’s an estimated fund balance of $2.6 (m) million as of May 13th, which includes investments. Durst said it will be the beginning of next year when they’ll really sit down and crunch numbers and decide the length of the proposed millage and the amount. The full voter-approved rate has not been levied since the millage’s inception.

The Committee is expected to work with the Board of Commissioners to determine what’s best and for how long the proposal would be for.