By Jessica Mathews/

Livingston County residents are encouraged to be the change during the COVID-19 crisis and register as a standby volunteer.

The Livingston County United Way operates the Volunteer Livingston program. Executive Director Anne Rennie says Volunteer Livingston recently updated their website, which includes a new portal for people looking to sign up specifically to help with COVID-19. Rennie says they’ve been getting quite a few calls from people wanting to get involved and there have also been increased calls to 211. Rennie tells WHMI this is one of those times when people want to help and make a difference as some people feel fortunate for their situation and want to give back by doing something to help those in need. Rennie says there are opportunities out there and those interested can sign up online through Volunteer Livingston. They would be added to a list and then contacted as requests come in for help. Rennie said the agencies asking for help are probably pretty hyper vigilant about making sure it’s small groups and following proper safety protocols. Some needs could include food prep or drive-up pantry type-things.

Complete information can be found through the provided link.