By Mike Kruzman /

A local nonprofit is promoting and sharing some fun all next week.

The Livingston County United Way is celebrating the kick-off of its new campaign season with a Spirit Week Caring Challenge, running this Monday, October 12th, through Friday the 16th. Five days of activities are planned with the goal of spreading joy throughout the community during these times.

On Monday, they are challenging residents to drop off new activity books, coloring books, puzzles, and craft kits at their Genoa Township office on Dorr Road. The items will be distributed to local older adults and individuals who are struggling with isolation. Tuesday is school spirit day where the United Way is asking people to wear their favorite school’s colors and write a note or email to a teacher, staff member, or school administrator to show appreciation. Wednesday will be dedicated to spreading kindness across the county that can be done in many ways, like paying it forward, recognizing someone important to you on social media, or leaving a gift on a friend’s porch. Thursday is for silly pictures and funny costumes to help spread laughter and smiles. Spirit Week wraps up on Friday with the Livingston County United Way asking people to make a sign or share a throwback picture or video of a time they participated in one of their events.

Participants are encouraged to share daily posts of joy on social media using the tags @lcunitedway, #lcunitedway, or #weekofcaring.