Local elections official say turnout for Tuesday’s primary in Livingston County was well above average and they are expecting a similar trend in November.

Of the county’s 146,507 registered voters, 49,756 cast ballots on Tuesday, equating to a 33.96% turnout. Livingston County Clerk Elizabeth Hundley says typically it would be 20%. But based on the high turnout Tuesday, they could see up to 80% or higher in November. She says the typical turnout for a mid-term November election with an open governor’s race at the top of the ballot is about 70%.

Hundley tells WHMI even with some ballots having to be recast because voters crossed party lines, which you can’t do in a primary, there were no issues like those seen in some Oakland County precincts which ran out of ballots. Hundley acknowledges that had they seen turnout like 80% or higher as those precincts did, there may have been a need for printing additional ballots. But she says that is not something that is a big problem as long as there is good communication between local clerks and her office through the day.

Hundley adds that while she’s thrilled the turnout was higher than normal on Tuesday, the goal is always for every registered voter to take the time and cast their ballot. (JK)