By Jessica Mathews /

While local plow crews have been busy amid the continuing bitter cold and snowy weather as of late, salt supplies are said to on par with a typical winter.

The Livingston County Road Commission met virtually Thursday morning, where Managing Director Steve Wasylk provided an update on historical salt usage. He noted that salt usage has picked up a bit and they’re pretty much running about an average winter at this point. Wasylk told the board that there have been a lot of little snow events that don’t require much plowing but still require salt.

One commissioner commented that he’s noticed a lot of sand and chloride out. Wasylk explained that the more salt that’s used, the more chloride is used. He says when they’re doing a lot of plowing, they don’t use as much salt or chloride but with less plowing, it’s the other way around.

As for other updates during the meeting, it was reported that work continues with local townships to put the Road Commission’s Pavement Preservation Program together. All federal aid jobs were said to have been submitted and will let out to bid by MDOT, which has also been working on a Bridge Bundle Pilot Program. Two local bridges, the Iosco Road Bridge and the Mason Road Bridge, have both been selected for super-structure replacement as part of that program.