A new online and interactive Master Plan is being finalized for Livingston County.

Since the start of 2017, The Livingston County Planning Department has been drafting a new Master Plan to take the place of the current plan they have been using since 2003. For the past year, the planning department has been gathering information from the public to start drafting a new plan. The Master Plan is being used to display county trends in demographics, land use, and is intended to help guide Livingston County to progress the quality of life for all residents. Director of Livingston County’s Planning Department Kathleen Kline-Hudson addressed The Board of Commissioners on Monday night regarding the new Master Plan. She described the new online format as easily accessible and interactive.

The Board of Commissioners seemed very excited and confident that the new plan and format will be very effective. Once the board authorizes distribution of the draft plan, there will be 63 days for the public to comment on it. After all comments go into consideration, the plan will then be adopted and can be accessed through the Livingston County website. (DF)