An upcoming event aims to recognize those who serve and protect Livingston County.

All are welcome to attend the event next Monday, January 14th that will recognize the tremendous effort that local law enforcement officials put forth on a daily basis. Frank Dame is among those organizing the event and explained that his motivation came about when he was driving on a very cold, snowy night last winter and listening to a report on the radio about another police shooting. Dame tells WHMI that’s when he simultaneously noticed flashers coming from a Livingston County Sheriff deputy’s patrol vehicle on D-19 near Coon Lake Road. Dame says it was miserable out but the deputy was helping an elderly man by shoveling and pushing out his car at the end of a driveway. Dame says between hearing the terrible story on the radio while witnessing a completely selfless act on the part of the deputy moved him to do something and recognize the men and women who are so selfless.

Dame moved to Livingston County with his family about three years ago and always sees law enforcement officers at events like Balloonfest, Melonfest, parades or just out and about and they are always very warm, friendly and professional so he wanted to do something. Dame said his family initially made cookies and cards but then friends pestered him to “go big” so he approached the church to use their facility for an event and things took off from there.

The event will take place from 2 to 3pm on January 14th in Livingston Christina School’s gymnasium, which is located in the Brighton Church of the Nazarene at 7669 Brighton Road in Genoa Township. Dame says the event will consist of opening remarks and speakers while students will play the Star Spangled Banner. He says each police agency in the county as well as Huron-Clinton Metroparks Police will have a representative in attendance to be presented with thank you cards, baked goods and certificates. Dame says it’s an excellent opportunity for the public to take some time to meet and thank the men and women who serve in a completely positive and thankful environment, as that doesn’t always happen in the law enforcement world. Dame says he hopes people are inspired to attend and plenty of seating is available. He says just having people just show up would be great but attendees are always welcome to bring baked goods or write cards if they choose and they’ll make sure it goes to the right department. If all goes well, he’s hoping this could become an annual event for the community. (JM)