The Humane Society of Livingston County has officially been taken over by the Michigan Humane Society.

Michigan Humane President and CEO Matthew Pepper says the merger will bring premium care and best practices in shelter and veterinary services to the animals of Livingston County. He says the hope in the coming weeks is to meet new neighbors and have the opportunity to talk about the specific needs of the community and the animals. The merger process began in August 2018 with HSLC requesting assistance from the Michigan Humane Society. That request kicked off a partnership that has now culminated in the merger. Officials say since the beginning of the process, the adoption rate at HSLC has increased over 300% from the same time frame in the year prior and also resulted in a shorter length of stay for animals in the shelter. The Humane Society of Livingston County name will be retired and the new entity will operate under the Michigan Humane Society brand. The same services will be offered as before, which includes animal adoption, surrender and medical care through the veterinary center. The two organizations earlier stated they share the same philosophy - that no animal will be euthanized for space.

The public is invited to stop into the facility located at 2464 Dorr Road in Howell to meet adoptable animals and learn more about services offered. For inquiries regarding medical care, clients are asked to call 866-MHUMANE and speak with a veterinary center representative. (JM)