By Jessica Mathews /

The Livingston County Health Department is advising community members that it continues to schedule COVID-19 vaccine appointments as quickly as possible but is limited by supply.

Currently, tens of thousands of Livingston County residents are eligible to receive the vaccine. For those interested in getting the vaccine, officials say the best option is to add your name to multiple waiting lists. They advise checking the websites of a person’s primary healthcare provider and local pharmacy for more information about being added to a waiting list, if applicable. People can also add their name to a local Meijer Pharmacy waiting list but will need to complete a pre-registration process. They do not need to be a current client to be added.

The Health Department says additional vaccination options will be available soon as the federal government has partnered with 21 national pharmacy chains and independent pharmacy networks to help administer the vaccine in communities as a part of the Federal Retail Pharmacy Program. Initial phased implementation of that program is due to begin as early as next week, with select retail pharmacies administering vaccine as early as next Thursday. The program will be implemented gradually, based on available supplies.

Initially, three retail pharmacies in Michigan will receive a limited supply of vaccine to vaccinate eligible individuals. Those include Rite-Aid, Meijer, and Cardinal Pharmacies in the Upper Peninsula. Once vaccine supply increases, the program will expand the number of participating pharmacy partners to include approximately 40,000 retail pharmacies across the country.

Officials say more information about eligible populations will be coming soon. Updates regarding COVID-19 vaccination can be found in the attached press releases and on the Health Department's website. That link is provided.