Jessica Mathews /

The Livingston County Health Department recently released it’s 2022 Annual Report.

The document provides a review of work and response efforts, and a summary of activities along with highlights that look back on some unique challenges faced during the year.

Some noted in the report include a recall of powdered baby formula products; and the release of hexavalent chromium from Tribar Manufacturing in Wixom into the Wixom Sewage Treatment Facility and then discharged into the Huron River system.

Various accomplishments were said to be made possible through extensive collaboration with local partners and leaders, as well as the continued efforts of staff and volunteers.

LCHD Director/Health Officer Matt Bolang was appointed to the position last November and took over from longtime former Director Diane McCormick, who retired after 37 years with the Department. Bolang said her leadership over the years was instrumental in positioning LCHD as one of the best Health Departments in the State of Michigan, and he hopes to continue their growth and build upon her legacy.

As a department, he noted they’re phasing out of their pandemic response and refocusing efforts on providing excellence in core programs that protect, preserve, and promote the health of residents. Bolang added they’re also currently working on completing a Community Health Needs Assessment - which will lead to a Community Health Improvement Plan through the involvement of local partner agencies and the public. That process will help to identify health gaps in the community and prioritize local efforts over the next few years.

The report is attached.