Jessica Mathews /

With the November General Election right around the corner, municipal clerks across Livingston County will have extended office hours this weekend.

Livingston County Clerk Betsy Hundley says the weekend before an election, all city and township clerks are required to be open for a minimum of eight hours so voters can take care of any election-related business.

Hundley tells WHMI it was one of the changes that came about as part of a constitutional amendment passed by voters in 2018 that all clerk offices must be open at least a minimum of eight hours the weekend before an election. She says all clerks in Livingston County will be open this Saturday for transactions and any business related to the election.

Hundley says voters can request an absentee ballot, return absentee ballots, get registered, or update their voter registration if their address has changed. She says most clerks in Livingston County will have Saturday office hours from 8am to 4pm but there are some from 7am to 3pm.

A list of all hours is available on the county clerk’s website. That link is provided.