By Jessica Mathews / news@whmi

Clerks across Livingston County and the state are busy processing absentee voter ballots ahead of Tuesday’s Primary Election.

Voters can still vote in person at polling locations across Livingston County. State law requires that absentee ballots be received by the time polls close at 8pm on Election Day to be counted. Many local clerks also held extended office hours this past weekend to get things processed.

In Genoa Township, longtime Clerk Polly Skolarus says the board was generous in providing funding for her to hire three additional temporary workers to assist with absentee ballots. Skolarus said she’s really excited about this election because they’ve never had an absentee voter turnout like this – adding her goal as a clerk is to get as many people as possible registered to vote absentee. She says there are around 16,900 registered voters in the township and they mailed out more than 5,000 ballots. Skolarus said around half of those had been returned as of Friday but many voters wait until the last minute. She further assured that everyone who votes either absentee or at the polls, that their ballot will be processed.

For those heading to the polls on Election Day, Skolarus tells WHMI they’ll have 12 precincts at seven polling places open and they’re prepared. She says they’re taken proper safety protocols for workers and have shields, masks, gloves and hand sanitizer. Skolarus said hopefully everyone who comes in to vote will wear a mask but it is not required by the state - adding people have to wear a mask everywhere else but not when coming to vote which she thinks is sad but they’re going to follow the rules.

For those who haven’t received their absentee ballot, Skolarus says people can visit the clerk’s office and they’ll issue a new one. She says voters can also track their ballot status on the Secretary of State’s website. Skolarus says there is a drop box outside at the township hall that they check regularly and at the deadline on Election Day, they’ll collect all the ballots and deliver them to the absentee voter counting board.

Complete information about Election Day can be found on the Livingston County Clerk’s webpage. That link is provided.

Photo - Associated Press