By Jessica Mathews /

Some employees who work in the Livingston County court system have tested positive for COVID-19.

Trial Court Administrator Roberta L. Sacharski issued a memo on Friday afternoon to partner stakeholders. She said there were four court employees who tested positive for COVID-19 and another two employees considered probable cases who are awaiting results. Additionally, four employees are quarantined due to close contact.

Sacharski says they have consulted with the Livingston County Health Department and determined that risk of public transmission is minimal. Thorough case investigation and contact tracing is said to be underway. Sacharski said she and the Judges want to emphasize that safety is the Courts’ number one priority with continuity of service being of equal importance. She noted the Court will continue to monitor this situation and keep everyone informed as necessary.

The 53rd District Court off Highlander Way in Howell closed about a half hour early Friday and a deep cleaning was reportedly going to take place.