The Livingston County Clerk is advising the public of some updates being made before the November General Election.

Clerk Elizabeth Hundley says important updates have been made to the Clerk’s website for the November 6th election. The link is provided. Sample ballots are available for viewing along with a QR scan code that can be used to locate a voter’s precinct and polling location. In addition to viewing ballots and polling locations, the county has linked the contact information for local city and township clerks so residents can learn more about voting by absentee. Hundley says there are several benefits to reviewing ballots prior to Election Day, noting it also provides an opportunity to review ballot language for three statewide ballot proposals. She says voters should also be aware that the option to vote straight party will not appear on the November ballot.

Hundley says if residents want to ensure they are registered to vote, there is a link to the Michigan Voter Information Center to confirm through the county website. Residents must be registered to vote by the close of business on October 9th in order to vote in the November General Election. That can be done through local clerks, the county clerk or Michigan Secretary of State offices. (JM)