Jessica Mathews /

Livingston County voters are being encouraged to get a plan together ahead of the August Primary election.

Every voter should have received a new voter ID registration card from their local clerk, which will contain their new district numbers, as well as the location of their polling location if a person chooses to vote in person. If anyone has not received that card, they’re encouraged to reach out to their local clerk to get one.

Livingston County Clerk Betsy Hundley tells WHMI they encourage voters to Have a plan, know where their polling location is, and check their voter registration status ahead of time.

Hundley says some people might also be very confused by their new district numbers. She says voters should be aware that there are new Congressional, state House and County Commission district numbers and there are a lot of changes voters will see this August - compared to when they voted the last time.

It was noted that if someone has recently moved into a community, then they need to re-register with their local clerk. If a voter moved prior to July 18th, which was the close of registration for the August Primary election, and they did a change of address prior to that date; then they should already be in the system in their new location.

More information is available on the County Clerk’s website. That link is provided.