By Jessica Mathews /

The Livingston County Road Commission has approved transferring jurisdiction of some roadways to the City of Howell to expand services to residents and businesses.

The board met last week and approved the request via a resolution. Road Commission Managing Director Steve Wasylk told WHMI the board approved transferring jurisdiction of Lucy Road, Industrial Drive, and a small portion of D-19 that are mostly in the City of Howell. He noted the City requested the transfer and said it just makes more sense for the City to maintain the streets than the Road Commission.

All three roadways were said to be contained within or along the corporate limits of the city and are in the immediate vicinity of a large tract of land at the southwest end of Lucy Road that is within the city limits.

A memo states the city desired jurisdictional control of the roadways in order to provide more consistent services to their residents and businesses and to be in a better position to create funding opportunities connected with future development of the vacant parcels.

Road Commission staff reviewed the request and felt it was in the best interest of the citizens of Livingston County for the City of Howell to have jurisdiction of the streets.

The memo states the vast majority of residents and businesses on the streets are within the jurisdictional limits of the City and are paying for City services. In addition, the memo states it will be much more convenient for the City to provide road maintenance services due to the physical location of the streets.