By Jessica Mathews /

The Livingston County Building Department has implemented a new automated texting system that allows customers to request inspections and receive inspection results via texts.

The existing automated call-in phone system now offers the option to receive a call back to obtain inspection results. In addition to that feature, the department announced the new SelecTXT function. That function allows permit holders to text inspection requests and receive inspection results via texts. Building Department Director Jim Rowell says the automated texting system is a first for the region, possibly the state, thanks to the County’s IT Department. SelecTXT went live Thursday. For frequent customers, there is also an abbreviated process referred to as Express Text, which allows customers to call in or request text results with fewer keystrokes.

The automated call-in phone number is the same number as before but the SelecTXT system has its own phone number. An informational brochure is attached.