By Jessica Mathews /

A broadband survey for Livingston County residents begins this month and a Community Partners Informational webinar is set for this Friday.

The County is looking to begin getting a better picture of what Internet connectivity looks like in the community through the Resident Broadband Survey. A publication from the Planning Department says as many know, high-speed Internet is an essential and critical service but one that can be prohibitively expensive, extremely slow, unreliable, or not available in some areas of the county.

To gather the most accurate data of the County’s connectivity, input is being sought from local municipalities, schools, public safety, libraries, and community service organizations. The County has created a connectivity survey in partnership with Merit Network and participation is being sought to help the County plan for a connected future.

A brief informational webinar will be held Friday to discuss the survey, how community partners can bring awareness to the issue and how data from the survey can help solve it. The Community Partners Informational Webinar will be held from 9 to 10am.

Details on how to register and more information are attached.