The Livingston County Board of Commissioners could extend its trial run of broadcasting bi-monthly meetings.

The General Government & Health Human Services Committee met Monday night and approved a resolution authorizing an agreement with SoundQue Multimedia to provide video recording services of board meetings. It was earlier agreed to record meetings for a period of six months to establish proof of concept for the services but more time is said to be needed to collect data and help forecast future use, as the county is weighing cost versus benefit and demand. Only board meetings are recorded currently, not committee meetings, and are made available on the county website. Under the proposed agreement, the video recordings would continue through the end of the year.

Commissioner Gary Childs chairs the committee but also serves on a special committee that was formed to explore the concept of broadcasting the meetings. Childs says not too many people watch the whole meeting but rather the two or three items they’re interested in or looking for. He tells WHMI they want to keep everyone informed and encourage transparency, saying people are watching the meetings and he wants to continue the service.

The resolution still needs to go before the full board for a vote. (JM)