By Jessica Mathews /

One returning member and one new member with a familiar face have been named to the Livingston County Board of Canvassers.

The Board of Commissioners met Tuesday and approved a resolution appointing members, which involved an official ballot process. The terms of Democratic representative Judy Williams and Republican representative Russ Spencer expire on October 31st.

Per Michigan election law, three candidates each are submitted by both the local Republican and Democratic Parties. Every odd year, the board appoints one candidate for each party for a 4-year term.

The candidates for the Democratic Party included Judy Williams, Gretchen Hertz and Darlene Domanik while the local GOP submitted Jane Cartwright, Joan Runyan and Jeffery Wiggins.

A memo from Clerk Betsy Hundley recommended re-appointing Judy Williams and either Cartwright or Runyan. Current Elections Coordinator/Deputy Clerk Joe Bridgman commented that Williams has been a phenomenal person on the board and thus would be starting her second term having served since 2017. On the GOP side, he said either Cartwright or Runyan would be phenomenal in the role. Cartwright is the former Howell City and township clerk while Runyan was the county’s longtime election coordinator until retiring and being replaced by Bridgman.

After the ballot process was completed and votes were tallied, Williams received seven and was named the Democratic candidate. Hertz received two votes and Domanik one. For the Republican candidate, Runyan received the most votes at five, with three cast for Wiggens and one for Cartwright.

Commissioner Doug Helzerman stated that he’s been able to witness the board in action. Helzerman said he had some questions after the last primary and attended a board meeting, noting his comments were received very well and they’re very blessed with the people they have serving in those roles.

The new terms for Williams and Runyan begin November 1st.