Livingston County residents are being encouraged to participate in a new community health survey to identify needs and opportunities for improvement in the community.

Every five years, the Livingston County Health Department completes a broad assessment of the community’s health. The first step in the process involves collecting general health and health behavior information from adults age 18 and over who reside in Livingston County. Health Promotion Coordinator Natasha Radke tells WHMI the survey is part of a larger community health needs assessment and it’s a huge opportunity for residents to participate in the larger community health improvement process, which is very important. She says the survey allows them to collect general health information and the main goal of the process is to better understand the needs of Livingston County residents and identify any gaps that might exist in terms of living a healthy life; and from there establish accountability and progress as they track health improvement. The survey takes roughly 10 to 15 minutes to complete and asks questions on various topics including healthcare, finances, disaster preparedness, mental health, living conditions and drug use. Survey responses and other collected data will be used in the community health improvement process. Goals are to identify priority issues, develop and implement strategies for action and establish accountability to ensure measurable health improvement – which will later be outlined in a Community Health Improvement Plan, aka CHIP.

The survey is anonymous and will be open through Friday, October 11th. Those who complete the survey have the option to enter into a drawing for a $100 Visa gift card. A link is provided. Paper copies can also be obtained through the Livingston County Health Department. (JM)