Livingston County’s clerk will be among a group advising Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson on election reforms.

Elizabeth Hundley has been appointed to an Election Modernization Advisory Committee that will advise Secretary Benson and the Department of State’s Bureau of Elections on the implementation of Proposal 3 and other reform measures. Members of the committee include county, city and township clerks from across the state, Michigan-based voting rights advocates, and local and national election experts.

Passed overwhelmingly by voters in November, Proposal 3 involves significant changes to Michigan’s election laws, including the institution of absentee voting for any reason, automatic voter registration and the ability to register up to and on Election Day. The advisory committee will provide input, suggestions and feedback on the execution of those reforms. Other topics slated for consultation by the committee include the launch of online voter registration passed by the Legislature last year along with poll worker recruitment training, as well as solutions to current challenges involving elections.

In addition to serving as Livingston County’s Clerk, Hundley is also an attorney and member of the Michigan Association of County Clerks Election Officials Committee and co-chair of the association’s Legislative Committee. Benson said that the results of last November’s election are clear, “Michigan voters want to make it easier to vote and harder to cheat” and that she was “grateful” to the local and national experts who have agreed to come together to modernize the state’s elections, applying best practices and making Michigan, “a national model for clean, efficient and secure elections.”

Benson has named former Michigan Director of Elections Christopher Thomas to lead the newly formed advisory committee. The committee will be staffed and facilitated by the Michigan Bureau of Elections and other staff from the Secretary of State’s office. (JK)