Jessica Mathews /

Donations and volunteers are being sought for a local project that provides homebound and low-income seniors with basic need items and Christmas cheer.

Livingston County Catholic Charities, along with local businesses, churches, organizations, schools and local community members are looking forward to providing much-needed basic needs items, Christmas cheer and friendly visits to local home-bound and low-income seniors through this year’s Christmas Blessing Project. The project is said to be a tremendous undertaking each year in the community and provides love, help and hope to vulnerable county seniors.

Last year’s Christmas Blessing project provided food boxes, cleaning products, hygiene items, paper products and more through 171 boxes to 211 county seniors and their families. LCCC plans to serve well over 200 county seniors this upcoming season.

Officials say the winter months are a difficult time of year for vulnerable seniors who have to contend with higher utility costs that affect their ability to purchase food or life-saving medications on their limited incomes. They also often hear that seniors feel lonely and isolated during this time of year and are overjoyed when they receive their special Christmas delivery and cheerful visits.

The Board and co-workers at LCCC say they are grateful for the outpouring of generosity toward the project thus far. However coming out of the pandemic and with inflation on the rise, officials say the scale of the project has become increasingly daunting. Donations, sponsorships, and volunteers are being sought to assist with the project this year.

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