Top marks in the state have been bestowed upon Livingston County for their work on the budget.

Livingston County has announced that they have received the Government Finance Officers Association’s, or GFOA’s, Distinguished Budget Presentation Award. This award is for their 2018 Operating Budget Document and reflects their commitment to meeting the highest principles of government budgeting. The 2018 Document was recognized for its excellence in pursing strategic goals and strategies, unit goals and objectives, performance measures, and long range financial plans. Bringing the Budget Document together was a collaborative work between every county department, elected office, and the courts.

More than 1,600 participants take part in the GFOA’s budget award program. The program aims to help governments improve the quality of budgeting while providing examples of budgets that have worked for other entities. A copy of Livingston County’s 2018 Operating Budget Document can be found online through the link below. (MK)