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Now that Tuesday’s General Election is over, which marked a late night for local clerks and election workers, the canvas of un-official results is set to begin.

The bi-partisan Board of Canvassers will be starting the canvas of the election on Thursday morning.

Livingston County Clerk Elizabeth Hundley says the meeting is open to the public and takes place in the historic courthouse in downtown Howell. She says it’s an opportunity for the public to attend to watch another part of the election process. Hundley says it’s where they verify the paperwork on Election Day and they make sure the totals that they’re using are reflected correctly within the result reports.

There were some technical difficulties experienced with the County’s website, which was off and on throughout election night, so there was trouble viewing results. Livingston wasn’t the only county that had issues and the County’s IT Department worked to address the problem.

All un-official results for Livingston County were reported by 1:46am.

Two precincts in Hartland Township, and the majority of precincts in Hamburg and Brighton Townships, were only partially reporting until late in the night/early morning.

Meanwhile statewide there are 1,540 townships and cities that report results to their county clerks, who post them online.

The Department of State has predicted that it will take up to 24 hours until all absentee ballots are counted and complete un-official results are reported – roughly by 8pm Wednesday. Officials say that’s because Michigan law allows only some jurisdictions to do limited processing of absentee ballots before Election Day, unlike many other states that allow all jurisdictions to completely process and in some cases count absentee ballots before polls open.

A link to Livingston County’s un-official election results is provided.

Statewide results can be accessed