By Mike Kruzman /

Owners and staff of a housing community in Tyrone Township are donating to help local students and families within the Linden Community Schools’ district.

A $1,000 donation was recently made to Linden Schools and Change for Kids by Stephanie and Justin Becker, owners of Tyrone Woods. Property Manager Dawn Marshall has worked in several area school districts and personally knows families with small children that are struggling to find the balance between working and keeping their family safe from COVID. She made contact with Linden Superintendent Russ Ciesielski about where they could best use the help during the pandemic.

Marshall said Ciesielski said he’d rather give the money to families that were hurting, and suggested the Change for Kids organization. Change for Kids helps families that may be struggling to provide food or pay for rent and utility bills. Marshall said during a meeting with the owners, the Beckers asked if she had any ideas for helping people, opening up the opportunity to talk about her conversation with Ciesielski. The Beckers then said they’d like to make the donation. Marshall said they are known to be giving people, and this only shows greater when you consider that they are still willing to help needy families when they themselves are hurting because some residents are struggling to pay rent.

Earlier this month they gave the donation to Linden Community Schools who will pass it along to Change for Kids. Marshall said this generosity has touched her heart, and by sharing it, perhaps it will inspire others to help, too.

Pictured - Linden Superintendent Russ Ciesielski and Dawn Marshall.